29 March 2019

Symposium on Early Brain Development: Emotion and Communication

Our symposium brings together researchers around the world to discuss issues concerning brain development and how it relates to emotion, language and communication. Among the topics to be discussed are psychiatric problems in early childhood, how parenting and play can facilitate neurocognitive development, as well as the neural basis of language and reading development.

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13 April 2018

Neuroscience and Literacy Acquisition

BMI members Urs Maurer and Catherine McBride have edited a collection of papers in the area of literacy acquisition and neuroscience that have been written by renowned researchers in the field. The papers are going to be published in May as a Special Section in the International Journal of Behavioral Development. The papers contribute to the growing body of research that enriches behavioral approaches to development and skill learning with neuroscience methods. The papers highlight how neural mechanisms underlying visual-orthographic processing change through learning, how neural mechanisms of spoken language are related to reading, and how cognitive subcomponents of reading, such as fluency and comprehension, are reflected in specific anatomical networks in the brain.

9 March 2018

Symposium on Neural Engineering and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Technological advances in brain imaging and machine learning have advanced to a point to provide concrete solutions to address issues related to age-typical cognitive decline and neurocognitive disorders across different populations. Brain imaging has been particularly helpful in identifying the sources of brain changes, which in turn can guide the designs of appropriate therapies. In this symposium, world renowned scientists and engineers will provide us with an overview of how brain imaging is used to study aging and how various rehabilitation strategies have been implemented to enhance brain health across populations.

The Symposium will consists of talks by invited speakers and roundtable discussions opened to all CUHK members.

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